About Consumers International and our Members

With more than 200 members in over 100 countries, we are the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world.

Our members are independent not-for-profit consumer groups who every day, achieve life-enhancing improvements for, and with consumers. Many have been the trusted, leading national voices for their consumers for decades and are responsible for dramatic improvements to people’s lives.

Our greatest strength is the depth and breadth of our inspirational membership, who we work with to achieve real and meaningful impact for consumers globally.

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The unique characteristics of our members:

  • The ‘go-to’ organisation for consumers in their country
  • Independent organisations, free from commercial or political influence, so that they can represent consumers without conflict of interest
  • Primary goal is to promote consumers’ rights and needs, and empower them
  • In-depth and extensive understanding of consumer issues through the provision of services directly to consumers, including complaints handling, representing consumers in disputes and providing consumer education and awareness
  • Combine a mixture of awareness raising activities, consumer education, campaigning and advocacy towards decision makers in government and business
  • Strong and effective connections with relevant government agencies, regulators and national standards bodies and are extremely effective influencers
  • Most conduct research including testing and surveys
  • Many work to create market-based solutions

Our summit will bring together decision makers, innovators and consumer advocates. It will create the conditions for surprising and new developments to take shape. The summit will give this unique audience creative and engaging ways to make positive change for consumers a reality.

Delivering global impact for consumers

Everyday, around the world our members achieve life enhancing improvements for, and with consumers.

Explore our interactive map to learn more about where our members are based and what issues they campaign on.