Next Generation Leaders Network

Consumers International’s Next Generation Leaders Network aims to recognise, develop, and support youth voices from across our global consumer advocacy membership. The network platforms youth voices within the consumer movement, sharing their ideas, insight and inspiration. Their ability to connect with other future leaders from around the globe will help shape action on a range of consumer issues, from sustainable consumption and digital privacy to fairer food systems and product safety.

Did you know that there are 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, accounting for 16 per cent of the global population? Consumers International believes that youth voices are critical when combatting challenges to sustainable development and are key to driving meaningful change. 

Young people need to feel enabled and empowered to become the future innovators, thinkers and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Consumer advocacy can help equip them with the skills and knowledge to achieve this. Consumers have enormous power through their individual actions and by influencing their peers – individuals who are aware of their consumer rights can seek redress for their grievances and raise awareness on a local, national and global level, resulting in long-lasting change.

Young leaders around the world are involved in consumer advocacy because they believe we must – and can – build a safe, fair and sustainable marketplace for everyone and honour consumer rights for a stronger economy. – Helena Leurent, Director-General of Consumers International 


The Next Generation Leaders Network brings together 30 young and innovative consumer advocates between the ages of 18 and 30, representing 30 of our members across 27 countries globally. We are proud of the diversity of our network. Nearly 2/3 are from the Global South, and nearly 2/3 are women, many of whom are leading the way in the consumer movement.

These future leaders bring together a diversity of skills, from a broad range of professional and educational backgrounds including law, public policy, agriculture and medical biology. Their passion lies in a diverse range of consumer issues, from sustainable consumption and access to food and healthcare, to financial services, consumer law and product safety.

Their ambition is to share their unique ideas and insight about the real-life experiences and challenges of consumers within both their own sector and community through learning from and inspiring one another and providing an opportunity for collaborative solutions to global consumer issues.


2030 VISION: What are their hopes for the future?

In celebration of the youth voices of consumer advocates around the world, we asked our Next Generation Leaders Network to share their inspiration for the consumer movement by 2030. They highlighted key issues for consumer advocacy from digitalisation, consumer protection, to global collaboration, where they can help to create a fairer, safer, and more sustainable marketplace for all.



Our Next Generation Leaders Network recognise the importance of international collaboration to raise the voice of consumers around the world.

Below are select examples of recent global conversations that they have been part of, championing the voice of consumer advocacy:

International Youth Day

Every year on August 12, the world comes together to celebrate voices of the next generation to ensure they are empowered, supported, and enabled to drive meaningful change for the planet and people. Consumers International is delighted to platform the future leaders of consumer advocacy through our Next Generation Leaders Network.


Euroconsumers International Forum 2020

We are delighted to be having global conversations with our Next Generation Leaders Network, empowering them to share their aspirations for the future of the consumer movemet!

World Consumer Rights Day

In celebration of World Consumer Rights Day 2021, Elizabeth Iberico from Peru joined global leaders from the consumer movement, business and civil society to discuss how we can collectively tackle the complex issue of plastic pollution.