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Global Congress 2023 to unite leaders in Kenya and build a resilient future for consumers

Every four years Consumers International’s Global Congress brings together the consumer movement and leading cross-sector influencers to tackle pressing issues impacting consumers worldwide. We are delighted to announce our 2023 Global Congress will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 06 – 08 December.

We will build on our previous editions of the event and our leading role in creating a powerful coalition across government, international agencies, business and civil society. Together for change, the Congress will be impact-oriented, focussed on developing practical solutions among marketplace actors and ensuring that consumers are brought into action and dialogue.



Clean Energy Conference: Empowering Consumers through the transition

This year, the Membership of Consumers International - 200 consumer groups in 100 countries - selected Empowering Consumers Through Clean Energy Transitions as our global theme. 

One hundred Members joined us for the campaign, uniting through a diverse range of activities from grassroots campaigns to policy dialogue to innovations which provide clear advice to consumers. Read more about their here

From Monday 13 - Friday 17 March we also held our Clean Energy Conference: Empowering Consumers Through the Transition to coalesce a diverse set of influential actors from business, government and the energy world and explore the tools, legislation, innovation and approach we need for a just transition.




World Consumer Rights Day: Empowering the Next Generation in the future of clean energy

In the run-up to World Consumer Rights Day, we spoke to two members of our Next Generation Leaders Network - who shared perspectives from Lebanon and India on how we can engage and empower young consumers in energy systems of the future.


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Consumers International announce series spotlighting consumer stories of change produced by BBC StoryWorks

Consumers International is delighted to announce a new online branded content series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. Through powerful documentary-style films and immersive content, the series - working title Agents of Change - will focus on the initiatives and organisations empowering, protecting and championing consumers across marketplaces and across the world.

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