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Join our global alliance: transparent digital finance for consumers

The digitalisation of financial services presents a unique chance to build better services for consumers. Seizing this opportunity will give consumers greater control over their financial wellbeing, businesses a greater understanding of consumer needs, and will help to deliver safe, effective and resilient digital markets.

Our Members around the world are increasingly concerned that opaque, misleading and inaccessible information in digital finance is causing harm to consumers.  

That is why we have launched a global campaign for transparent digital finance. Our unique alliance of 30+ leading industry, regulator and consumer voices calls for urgent action to improve consumer understanding and trust in digital finance services through greater transparency. 

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Consumer advocates call for ambitious global action against plastic pollution

This week we have joined global leaders in Ottawa, Canada for the fourth round of talks to secure a global deal to #BeatPlasticPollution. Together with Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (India) we will call for greater consumer voice in the negotiations for a lasting meaningful deal. We advocate for essential policy and market shifts to reduce plastic pollution by 80% - all while supporting consumers and businesses to overcome the challenges related to affordability and accessibility.


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Fair Digital Finance Accelerator members awarded funding for innovative fair finance initiatives

Consumers International is pleased to announce that 11 members of its Fair Digital Finance Accelerator are to be awarded funding for projects and interventions which advance fair digital finance in low- and middle-income countries.


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Sustainable Living: Bridging the Gap Between Consumers and Decision-Makers

94% of consumers support the shift to a green economy. Despite this support, a gap persists between intention and action. Saroja Sundaram of Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group, explores why we need to understand consumers motivations and how we can target different consumer segments to build effective interventions.