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Lead from the front

Become an associate of our Change Network

Our Change Network is a global group of diverse organisations from civil society, governments and business, who we bring together with our members to tackle specific consumer challenges and opportunities faster.

We’re inviting progressive organisations to join us and help shape the future now.

We value, and add value by, working in partnership. We know that the right people coming together, on the right topic, at the right time, makes real change happen.

Making Change Happen

Our Change Network is a group of leading, diverse and committed organisations, from businesses, government and civil society. They come together with our members to tackle specific consumer challenges and opportunities, and develop foresight, influence and innovation in a dynamic, constructive, results focused environment.

By doing this we all gain a unique level of insight that can help spark ideas and identify and catalyse unexpected solutions. Solutions that will lead to real and meaningful change, putting consumers at the heart of digital developments like never before.

Help Shape the Future Now

To find out more about becoming an associate of Consumers International's Change Network, please get in touch with Josephine Parmee who’ll be happy to help.

Become an associate of our Change Network Get In Touch

Partnerships with purpose

Organisations in our Change Network also have the opportunity to lead on workstreams focused on achieving positive consumer outcomes rapidly.

Working together we’ll identifying a consumer challenge or opportunity we both care about. We’ll then bring together the right people to develop foresight, influence and innovation. Depending on the topic this can range from a one-off event to a series of activity. By doing this you gain a unique level of insight that can help you see solutions that weren’t there before.

Unique Insight

Our approach goes beyond consumer research. Accessing our network will enable you to gain unique insights to help you address and pre-empt consumers concerns. You’ll benefit from the in-depth experience, knowledge and views of experts from consumer organisations, business and government in a constructive, results-focused environment.

Our role as the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world, our reputation in international policy-making forums, and our team’s track record of working with business, government and civil society creates the development of better solutions, faster. 

To find out more about our workstreams, please get in touch with Josephine Parmee who’ll be happy to help.

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Who can join the Change Network?

We want to ensure that our Change Network associates are committed, progressive and dynamic organisations who share our values and goals. 

If you are interested in, and committed to, making sure consumers are treated safely, fairly and honestly...

If you believe in working together, listening to diverse perspectives and coming up with great new ideas...

And, If you are a:

  • progressive business
  • civil society organisation
  • government
  • academic institution
  • digital disruptor

and have the following characteristics:

  • regional or global in reach
  • a clear and identifiable interest in digital as a significant organisational activity or interest
  • an interest in helping to bring the consumer demand and supply side together

with a commitment to:

  • putting consumers at the heart of digital innovation
  • ensuring consumers are treated safely, fairly and honestly
  • working positively and constructively with the global consumer movement to develop solutions that benefit consumers.

Then we want to hear from you and would love you to consider becoming an associate of our dynamic new Change Network. 

What you get

By becoming an associate of the Change Network, you are making a positive and public statement of intent about the kind of organisation you are, and how you want others to see you.

Change Network associates can:

  • gain increased visibility with the consumer movement
  • foster a positive reputation for your organisation
  • get opportunities to connect with others outside your normal sphere of contact/influence
  • gain unique insights and surprising perspectives
  • foster collaboration for mutual good/benefit
  • exploit opportunities at scale and with speed
  • help shape the future