How We're Run

Our global staff are led by our Director General, who is guided by and accountable to the Consumers International Board of Trustees. Our Trustees are ultimately responsible in law for the charity, its assets and activities.

Consumers International is the world confederation of consumer rights groups. Our Board and Council are made up of senior executives from our member organisations. The Board of Trustees is appointed from our Council.  The Council is an advisory body to the Board of Trustees and is elected by voting member organisations at the General Assembly that takes place every four to five years.


Director General

Our Director General, Helena Leurent, and the Senior Management Team are responsible for shaping and delivering our organisational goals. Together with Consumers International’s staff team, they work to realise our ambitious strategy to champion the rights of consumers everywhere.

Annual Reports (eng)

The Council is an advisory body to the Board of Trustees which plays the role of appointing Trustees and advising on strategic issues. Member organisations are voted onto the Council by our membership.

Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC)


Anindita Mehta, Chief Operating Officer