Global Expert Community: Climate, Conflict, Interconnectedness: Protecting consumers in a changing world

Consumer protection has global positioning, notably through the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection [UNGCP] . Interest in this as a policy domain is tangible, though not always top of mind for consumers. Yet incrementally, consumers are becoming aware of the relevance and applicability of regulatory mechanisms to underpin their marketplace transactional activities. Consumer protection is thus a growing and vibrant concept. The thoughts shared here are to stimulate greater debate and deepen thinking among all actors in the space: consumers, businesses, policy makers, regulators, enforcers – and more!


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New Report: Unlocking sustainable living through global consumer insights

At Global Congress 2023, Consumers International publishes its latest research, ‘Global Consumer Archetypes to Foster Sustainable Living,’ developed with GlobeScan. The report uncovers new consumer insights to help policymakers and businesses enable people to live more sustainably. This study addresses critical questions around the aspiration-action gap between different consumer segments, understanding the motivations that drive them and the trade-offs they encounter.