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We want consumers to get the best out of the digital economy and society without having to compromise on quality, care and fair treatment.

We have created a digital change agenda which will help us make this happen, by tackle the most important issues for consumers in the digital economy and society  under three main headings:


Online Participation 

Being offline or poorly connected has a major impact on consumers as digital becomes the default way of working and accessing essential services like health or finance.

We want to see: broader uptake of the internet through inclusive, relevant and affordable digital services; essential online infrastructure that meets consumer needs and expectations; to see consumer interests in fintech supported by new regulatory innovations.

Connected Consumers

As more types of smart-by-default devices and services become more mainstream, data security and privacy issues are multiplied and questions about how algorithms direct our choices as consumers are raised. We want clear standards for consumer protection in the IoT to remove the uncertainty and lack of protection for many connected products; consistent and effective data protection across borders; easy ways to switch between systems and providers; and clear lines of responsibility if data is lost. 

The Digital Marketplace

Online retail, sharing platforms and digital content subscriptions have transformed the way many people around the world shop. We want self-regulatory approaches like reviews and ratings to be reliable and verifiable; to make sure products sold online are safe; to clarify who’s responsible in new peer-to-peer markets; better spotting and prevention of online scams; easier cross-border e-commerce including complaints channels to give consumers confidence to make the most of the digital marketplace.

We are working with partners from business, government and civil society to tackle specific consumer challenges and opportunities, and achieve positive consumer outcomes across international borders. 

These include developing manufacturer guidance on delivering consumer IoT products that are safe, secure and trusted; increasing understanding on the impact of artificial intelligence on consumers through direct research; convening key actors to find effective solutions that protect consumers and make social media platforms a safer place for all consumers.