World Consumer Rights Day 2024

Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers

Every year on March 15, the consumer movement and other influential actors come together to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day to raise global awareness on consumer rights, protection and empowerment. Consumers International is proud to coordinate the day through a multi-stakeholder approach which unites our 200 Members, international organisations, government, business and civil society. 

This year, Consumers International has selected ‘Fair and responsible AI for consumers’ as the theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2024.

About the theme

Last year, breakthroughs in generative AI took the digital world by storm. Thanks to the release of chatbots that appear to mimic human conversation, millions of consumers are already using generative AI in their daily lives. The technology is set to have an enormous impact, in the way we work, create, communicate, gather information and much more.

There is real opportunity here. Used properly, generative AI could enhance consumer care and improve channels of redress. However, it will also have serious implications for consumer safety and digital fairness. With developments taking place at breakneck speed, we must move quickly to ensure a fair and responsible AI future.

This year, World Consumer Rights Day will highlight concerns like misinformation, privacy violations, and discriminatory practices, as well as how AI-driven platforms can spread false information and perpetuate biases.

Safeguarding the future of consumer search 


Our campaign will hone in on consumer search. Generative AI chatbots are set to transform the way we search the web. In an era of mis- and dis-information, we believe that consumers have a right to trustworthy, verifiable, and bias-free information. This is a right that AI-powered search may put at risk.

We invite you to join and amplify our call to industry leaders, governments, and policymakers.  Join the campaign by using the hashtags #GenerativeAIGuardian , #WorldConsumerRightsDay, #WCRD24 and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Generative AI Dialogue and Debate Series

During the week of World Consumer Rights Day 2022, Consumers International will host a Generative AI Dialogue and Debate series. 

This series of virtual events will bring together our network of global consumer advocates with leaders in AI development, deployment and policy. 

We will ask tough questions around the pressing consumer concerns generative AI presents and build the foundations for genuine transparency and trust. 

  • What measures are needed to protect consumers against deep fakes and misinformation? 
  • How do we ethically navigate the collection and use of consumer data? 
  • Who is responsible when a person is harmed by generative AI?


More information will be announced shortly. Keep an eye on this page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for information on how to register. 

A global consumer network calling for action

We have 200 Members in 100 countries around the world working for a world where digital environments and technologies empower and protect consumers – one where innovation benefits the public interest and enables a fairer, safer and more sustainable online marketplace for people and planet. Now, many are focusing their attention to ensure the consumer voice is heard as generative AI becomes ubiquitous. 

Norwegian Consumer Council published a report looking into the main risks of generative AI for consumers. The report calls for compliance and effective enforcement of existing EU laws, as well as new legislative measures to enhance consumer protection from AI-related risks, with obligations for developers and deployers of generative AI systems.

BEUC (Belgium) are ensuring the consumer voice is heard in AI policymaking, publishing recommendations for the European Commission’s AI Act.

IDEC (Brazil) have called on policymakers to ensure that the transformative potential of AI in healthcare is balanced against potential ethical risks, with strict rules and assessments. 

Join us

We invite all marketplace stakeholders to join World Consumer Rights Day and collaborate with us to ensure fair and responsible AI for consumers. 

  1. Express interest to join our dialogue and debate series as a speaker and join us across the week as an attendee.
  2. Members should share plans and campaign activity, and direct any update enquiries to our team. Make sure to check your inbox for our Campaign, Insights, and Resource Packs.
  3. You do not need to be a Member of Consumers International to run a campaign in support of the day. Share your ideas and connect. 
  4. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for all the latest news and announcements on World Consumer Rights Day 2024. Join the campaign by using the hashtags #GenerativeAIGuardian , #WorldConsumerRightsDay, #WCRD24.

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