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We can provide expert comments on international consumer issues and have up to the minute research and statistics on key consumer issues. See below for links to the issues we work on, and our latest news releases. 


If you have a media inquiry we’d be happy to help, either directly or by putting you in touch with one of our member organisation based throughout the globe. To speak to us about the story you are working on please get in touch with the staff in our communications department:

Main point of contact: Daniel Torrance-Cameron, Digital and Engagement Specialist, media@consint.org, +44207 226 6663 or out of hours (before or after 9.30 -5.30 BST/GMT) +44 7572 149547


Anne Fransen Fund 2021 Projects Announced

Consumers International is delighted to announce that six of our members have been chosen to receive funding through the Anne Fransen Fund (AFF). This year’s winners are from Chile, Columbia, Fiji, Nepal, India, and Vietnam.



NOT ALL RECOVERIES ARE CREATED EQUAL: How consumer organisations can shape the post-pandemic economy

The greatest risks facing consumers following the pandemic were discussed in a global webinar convened by Consumers International. 25 of our members gathered online to discuss the report’s findings with the World Economic Forum’s Head of Global Risks and Geopolitical Agenda, Emilio Granados Franco.


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The role of consumer organisations to support consumers of financial services in low and middle income countries

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