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The Consumers International Summit 2019 offers organisations and businesses the ideal opportunity to engage, demonstrate leadership and build profile within an exclusive, results-focused environment.

Our Lead Partners

Direção-Geral do Consumidor

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Internet Society

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Member sponsors


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Consumer Reports

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Consumers Korea

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Hong Kong Consumer Council

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And a special thank you to all our members around the world 

Summit sponsors

Experience Sponsors

By sponsoring you'll be able to: 

Raise your profile

The summit is a unique place to share your work with global influencers and tell the story of your organisation.

Gain a global perspective

This is the only event that brings together those who create digital products and services, and those who use and regulate them.

Build insight

You’ll gain unique insights to help you better understand and address consumer challenges and opportunities, now and into the future.

Catalyse solutions

With the right people in the room, opportunities develop to spark ideas and identify and catalyse unexpected solutions to your digital challenges.

Partner with Us

We have a number of options available including lead partner, diamond, platinum and experience packages available starting at £15,000.

To find out more about your options to sponsor the event, please contact Paulo Gomes, Head of Fundraising and Partnerships pgomes@consint.org