Information for our members: more about the summit

A new context

Our world is becoming increasingly digitalised and technology is playing an expanding part in our lives. These possibilities, from mobile payments in Kenya to smart homes in Korea, are transforming consumer’s lives. The rapid pace of change in new technology and the concentration of services can leave consumers unclear about what is happening behind the scenes and unsure of their choices.

Consumers International’s critical role

As the global consumer organisation we have a critical role to play, supporting our members to empower consumers by putting their voice at the heart of digital developments and enabling business, governments and civil society to be more responsive to emerging consumer challenges and opportunities.

A new experience

The Consumers International Summit 2019 will be an exciting milestone on our journey to bring together the right people, at the right time to achieve positive consumer outcomes rapidly.

The key question we’ll ask over the summit is, what could the future look like if we put consumers at the heart of digital innovation?

To answer this, and to take us further on the journey of making this a reality, you’ll be in the room with other consumer organisations, and for the very first time on a truly global scale, also business, government, and civil society from around the world. The possibilities and opportunities this unique new environment provide could be endless.

By harnessing the power of collective intelligence, fostering understanding and encouraging debate, questioning, and collaboration between those who create digital products and services, and the representatives of those who use and regulate them, we will catalyse change, and, in doing so, create breakthroughs and innovations which will benefit consumers, digital businesses and society as a whole.

At the Summit you will also have the opportunity to network and identify potential partners, learn from and be inspired by the work of your peers, share your latest work and experiences, discuss latest trends, threats and opportunities, and together catalyse solutions to the key issues facing consumers today.


An exclusive connection and sharing day

While the Summit (30 April - 1 May) will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, on 2 May we’ll be holding an exclusive member connection and sharing day to enable you to meet and discuss a broad range of consumer topics with other members.

Topics will include food, sustainable consumption and product safety. There will be a range of formal and informal sessions and opportunities to enable you to maximise the value of attending.

Our General Assembly will also take place enabling full members to vote for Consumers International’s Council and President.

A range of interesting side events

On 29 April a range of side events will be taking place. Summit side events are an opportunity for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring different consumer topics.


Members can log in more details, FAQs and important documents relating to our Summit and the General Assembly.