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Outline Programme

From consumer choice to data privacy, connected products to access, we're preparing a summit programme that will cover some of the most pressing issues consumers face in the digital world. 

To give you taste of what to expect, you can browse our outline programme below. You can also download a PDF copy of the outline programme in English and Spanish.

You can also download a PDF copy of the Member Connection and Sharing Day outline programme in English and Spanish

The outline programme is subject to change. 

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How do we put consumers at the heart of digital innovation?

Consumers International’s new Director General will welcome the audience to the Summit with the key question to be explored over the two days - what could our world look like if consumers’ needs and wants were at the heart of digital innovation?


What will consumer choice look like in the future digital economy?

The opening panel will take a big picture view on the future of the digital economy for consumers, asking how new and emerging trends might impact on consumers. Speakers from industry and consumer groups across the globe will expand on the key question and ask how we put consumers at the heart of the digital economy?


Morning Breakout 1:
Freeing our information

Open banking promises to organise financial data around the individual and not the institution. Banks, regulators and a FinTech startup share what can be learnt from models like this for giving consumers greater choice and control?

Morning breakout 2:
Disrupting choices

What opportunities are created for consumers when disruptive intermediaries break through? Hear from digital startups and established businesses on creating change with consumers at the centre.

Morning breakout 3:
Shared responsibilities

From tuktuks to tutors - if it can be shared it will be shared. But what do these different delivery models mean for consumers and providers? Where does responsibility lie for protection, trust and quality service?


AI - accessibility and fairness

This plenary will hear from an industry leader about how artificial intelligence and machine learning has increased the potential and possibilities for accessible technology and promoting fairer opportunities and outcomes in the on and offline world. The discussion that follows will ask what fairness and accessibility look like for everyone in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Data dreamland or data dystopia?

Take the time to explore our interactive installation ‘data dreamland or data dystopia’. Can we create a dreamland where all people can access good quality internet where they feel safe and respected? Where privacy and protection are built into systems and services from the beginning? Or will the future be a data dystopia where consumers’ needs take a backseat to unchecked growth?


Afternoon plenary:
Data reimagined

Digital change is driven by innovators who refuse to accept business as usual. In this inspirational and interactive session, we will inspire you with the different ways data could be managed differently in our globally connected, digital world.


Afternoon Breakout 1:
Coming of age in the digital playground

With connections all around them, how can we support and empower children in the age of ubiquitous technology?

Afternoon breakout 2:
Privacy Warriors vs the Privacy Police

Can we rely on regulations, codes of conduct and enforcers to protect our data, or is it time for consumers to arm themselves for an era of digital self-defence?

Afternoon breakout 3:
This Time It’s Personal

Personal Information Managers and other intermediary services aim to put consumers back at the heart of their data decisions. A chance to vote for your favourite data empowerment tool.


Connection and Protection in the consumer IoT

Smart-by-default devices are becoming mainstream but most still lack the most basic data security provisions. Find out what consumers think about privacy and security in the Consumer IoT and hear a discussion with industry, regulators and consumer groups on how to build protection into connection for a world that is truly smart?


Morning breakout 1:
Smart from Scratch

More mainstream products like TVs, energy meters or public transport are becoming connected by default. How can we build services around people’s real lives that are ‘smart from scratch’ and address not just privacy and security but ownership, redress and care for vulnerable consumers?

Morning Breakout 2:
How can Consumers tell if Artificial Intelligence is on Their side?

Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionising everyday services and products, but is it being built into systems with consumer safety, fairness and ethical expectations in mind.

Morning breakout 3:
Cleaning up online scams

Explore innovative solutions with industry and enforcement agencies to the problem of online scams. Learn what more can be done to increase trust in online marketplaces to prevent consumers losing money and personal information.

LUNCHTIME: Data journeys

Join us on a journey to find out what happens when consumer data is put at the centre of innovation. We look at how data mobility and empowerment has been used in practice to help consumers get the outcomes and value they really want.


Afternoon plenary:
Access at any cost?

There is an assumption that people in poorer countries will compromise their rights to get internet access, but evidence shows this is not the case. We need to ask consumers what will build confidence and boost participation and inclusion, and how we can make the internet work for them.


Afternoon Breakout 1:
Clicks and Mortar

What can platforms, enforcement agencies and companies do to improve consumers’ confidence and build a safer marketplace for both connected consumers and those yet to get online?

Afternoon breakout 2:
Half of all consumers

The voices of women and other marginalised groups are getting louder in tech development. What do we gain when everyone’s needs are central to design and delivery of digital innovation?

Afternoon breakout 3:
The world in their hands: the rise of mobile-only internet consumers

How can consumers with mobile-only internet access enjoy the benefits of connection without the compromise?


Welcome from the Consumers International President


The revision of the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection and key challenges in consumer protection

The revision of the UNGCP in 2015 was a major achievement in updating guidance on consumer protection for the modern world. What changes were made and what does this mean for consumer protection internationally?


Main Session:
Key challenges in consumer protection

The panel will discuss some new and challenging issues in consumer protection including peer to peer markets, cross border transactions and vulnerability and discuss the role of consumer law in protecting and empowering consumers.


Key session:
Funding the consumer organisations of the future

An opportunity to hear from members about new initiatives that not only help consumers but also provide vital new sources of income to support the consumer organisations of the future.

Morning Breakout 1:
Financial services – empowering consumers with research, literacy and better services

What are the main challenges facing consumers of financial services and how can consumer organisations promote better practices and empower consumers?

Morning breakout 2:
Progress in collective redress

Consumer groups around the world are campaigning for the right to seek collective redress for consumers. This session will look at progress in winning this right and members’ experience of bringing collective actions.


Key Session:
Sustainable food systems

How can we ensure that all consumers have access to a safe and nutritious diet? This session will look at the big picture – linking up different food issues to ask how food system needs to change.

Morning Breakout 3:
Protecting and empowering vulnerable consumers

How can we protect the rights of all consumers, including the most vulnerable? This session will look at three different examples of vulnerable consumers to understand the challenges and the opportunities for making a difference.

Morning breakout 4:
Trade – why all trade agreements should have a consumer chapter

How do we make trade agreements work for consumers? This session will introduce the idea of a consumer chapter and consider how it could work in a future e-commerce trade deal.

Lunchtime: Informal hubs / master classes


Key session
How can we make sustainable consumption the easy choice for consumers?

This session will emphasize Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals and the importance of collaboration and partnership for sustainability


Afternoon breakout 1:
Improving consumer access to a nutritious diet

Whether it is undernutrition or overnutrition, healthy diets are an important topic for consumer groups around the world. This session will seek to understand the challenges and the solutions and what are the most successful strategies for consumers groups.

Afternoon breakout 2:
How can we create more effective systems for product safety?

Product safety has always been an important consumer issue but many challenges remain. The session will hear from speakers about market surveillance activities, campaigning for more effective national product safety systems and how we can better share information.


Consumers International General Assembly

Additional information

The day will close at 17:00.

Following the General Assembly, the newly elected Council will meet to appoint the new Board, which will then hold a short meeting. This meeting will close at 18:30.

Coming soon

Summit side events, taking place on 29 April 2019, are an opportunity for knowledge sharing, capacity building, networking and exploring different consumer topics.

If you’d like to sponsor a side event, please contact summit@consint.org for further information.

Side events are independently organised on approval from Consumers International, and attendance is generally by invitation only. All inquiries about specific side events should be directed to the specific side event sponsor.