Our Strategy

We want to ensure that consumers around the globe are treated safely, fairly and honestly.

In this global, interconnected environment no single organisation can achieve the level of change required alone – we believe that bringing the right people together, at the right time, on the right topic, is the best way to make change happen.

We do this by working with both our members and our Change Network of governments, civil society, business and academia, to tackle key consumer challenges and opportunities on digital issues faster, alongside influencing at the highest level of global decision-making.

Our strategy focuses on enabling consumers to get the best out of the digital economy and society without having to compromise on quality, care and fair treatment by putting their voice at the heart of digital development and ensuring excellence in global consumer protection though specific projects.

Read more about our strategy in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

Challenges for Change

As part of a strategy review, we wanted to seek out fresh and challenging perspectives. We invited a small number of international experts and opinion formers to produce a challenge piece on how Consumers International, and the global consumer movement, can best respond to the challenges and opportunities facing us in the digital world. Here are the resulting essays.