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Consumers International is the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world.

We work together, alongside a range of passionate partners and members, to drive change in the global marketplace that individual members cannot achieve alone.

Everyday, around the world our members achieve life enhancing improvements for, and with consumers. Many have been the trusted, leading national voices for their consumers for decades and are responsible for dramatic improvements to people's lives. Our greatest strength is the depth and breadth of our membership, who we work with on coordinated campaigns and international advocacy.


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latest news

Consumers International announces the theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2019

Consumers International has announced that the theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2019 will be ‘Trusted Smart Products’.



  • VZBV has created a series of videos to help refugees familiarise themselves with their consumer rights (in German)
  • El Poder del Consumidor has launched a digital petition calling for an end to the use of child mascots to advertise unhealthy products during major sporting events.
  • CUTS International, one of our Indian members, has partnered with the Ford Foundation to design simple and accessible broadband labels with the aim of empowering consumers to make more informed choices.
  • The Saudi Consumer Protection Association announced a ban on the entry of fresh strawberries from Egypt due to the excess use of pesticide residues that exceed international maximum limits.
  • CCZ collaborated on a campaign with Nestle to educate Zimbabwean consumers about the benefits of food fortification.