Consumers International is the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world.

We work together, alongside a range of passionate partners and members, to drive change in the global marketplace that individual members cannot achieve alone.

Everyday, around the world our members achieve life enhancing improvements for, and with consumers. Many have been the trusted, leading national voices for their consumers for decades and are responsible for dramatic improvements to people's lives. Our greatest strength is the depth and breadth of our membership, who we work with on coordinated campaigns and international advocacy.


Consumers International Members are pioneering organisations around the world with a proven record of achieving impact in consumer protection and empowerment.  They are independent consumer groups, trusted by consumers in their country or region.  They actively work across borders, with members and trusted partners to shape the future of the marketplace to be safe, fair and sustainable for all.  

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On receipt of an application, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact point and leadership of the applying organisation.  Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. 

Next Generation Leaders Network

The Next Generation Leaders Network brings together 30 young and innovative consumer advocates between the ages of 18 and 30, representing 30 of our members across 27 countries globally. These future leaders bring together a diversity of skills, from a broad range of professional and educational backgrounds including law, public policy, agriculture and medical biology. Their passion lies in a diverse range of consumer issues, from sustainable consumption and access to food and healthcare, to financial services, consumer law and product safety.


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latest news

Insight Briefings reveal actions needed to build digital participation in the Middle East and North Africa

Consumers International research on consumer perceptions in the MENA region reveals that although consumers are increasingly optimistic about the role of technology in improving their lives, concerns around data protection, privacy and cybercrime could undermine growing digital participation.



Europe/North America 
won a Class Action lawsuit against Financial Norwegian Services firm DNB and claimed back 345 million NOK for customers overcharged.

Latin America
and UNCUREPA, in Panama, organised a Consumer Rights Forum to address issues including personal data security and nutrition.

Asia Pacific
The Hong Kong Consumer Council reprimanded four fitness centres in Hong Kong for their sales practices, which targeted inexperienced young consumers.

The CAC, our member in Ghana, called on their government to abolish the improper registration and sale of SIM cards on the streets, to prevent an increase in undocumented mobile use.

Middle East
Training courses were organised in Yemen by YACP to educate and acquire information from consumers about food contamination and poisoning.