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If everyone lived the lifestyle of the average person in western Europe, we would need three planets to support us. Meanwhile, about one billion people live in extreme poverty, unable to access the minimum needed for a decent quality of life.

In order to protect the planet and provide fair social conditions for current and future generations, we need to think about the way we produce and consume goods and services. Sustainable consumption is about doing more and better with less. Its aim is to increase resource efficiency and fair trade while helping to alleviate poverty and enable everyone to enjoy a good quality of life with access to food, water, energy, medicine and more. 

But sustainable consumption should be the easy option, and not down to consumer choice alone. We work to reduce the confusion around sustainability by ensuring that producers, retailers and policymakers do all they can to make products safe, durable and resource-efficient; before providing clear, reliable information to guide consumer choice.


Green Action Fund 2018 winners announced

Consumers International is delighted to announce that 24 Consumers International members from developing and transitional economies are to be awarded a grant of £2,000 each to implement this year’s Green Action Fund campaigns.



“Everyone wants safer food” - consumer campaigning tips from Lebanon to Lesotho

Advice by consumer campaigners at the frontline of getting safe and sustainable food for all, from every continent in the world.