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Green Action Fund

We're proud to coordinate the Green Action Fund (GAF). This annual grant scheme aims to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty by promoting worldwide awareness and advocacy activities which encourage sustainable patterns of consumption.

The Green Action Fund is the funding element of Green Action Week (GAW), an annual global campaign running in the first week of October, to promote sustainable consumption. The fund is made available by our partner the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and is administered by Consumers International, with materials, research, policy support, and joint-campaign communications being provided. The theme for Green Action Week 2022 is ‘Sharing Community’.

The GAF supports projects which are in line with the theme: ways that sharing and collaboration bring more equal and sustainable access to goods and services for the benefit of people and the planet.

The GAF is open to applications from our members in economically developing countries to assist them in carrying out their own campaigns in support of the theme. To be eligible, membership fees must be fully paid to the current year (including January to December 2022). 

 We will be using Green Action Week 2022 to celebrate the new ideas, insight and innovations that are delivering impact and progress towards SDG 12 within the consumer movement. 


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Green Action Week - how can I get involved?

Green Action Week is an opportunity to show how consumer advocacy is actively driving sustainable consumption. The week showcases the work of consumer advocacy groups around the world and the ways in which new ideas and technologies can drive sustainable consumption. Take a look at what ‘sharing community’ looked like in 2021. 

Join us by using #GreenActionWeek on Twitter and Facebook to share how you are marking the week. We want to hear updates from the campaigns or actions you are taking to promote sustainable consumption in your country or region.  

Photo taken from a Green Action Week 2019 event in India, run by our member - Consumer Voice

What kind of projects are funded?


Green Action Fund projects have taken place all over the world. Winning projects over the past few years have successfully gone on to raise awareness on a range of issues, including: sustainable fishing, recycling and sustainable transportation. Since 2018, projects have focused on encouraging cultures of sharing and collaboration. 

In 2021, 26 grants of £2,420 were awarded to Consumers International members in economically developing countries, in order for them to implement Green Action Fund campaigns on the theme of ‘Sharing Community’. This year 27 grants of £2,420 are being awarded. 

Read about work undertaken in previous years (eng): 

2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019  2020  2021 

You can also take a look at the Green Action Week website and Facebook page 

Photo take from a Green Action Week 2020 event in India -Gujarat, run by our member - CERS

How to apply


The programme is open to our members in economically developing countries to assist them in carrying out their own campaigns. To be eligible, membership fees must be fully paid to the current year (including January to December 2022).  

The application period for Green Action Fund 2022 is now open. The deadline for applications is 17 May 2022. For more information on this year’s theme, please consult the campaign guide. 

Campaign guides: English 

Gender equality guidance document: English 


Application form: English, French, and Spanish

If you are applying to take part in Green Action Week as a member of Consumers International, you should have received an email.

What our members say

 It is an opportunity to raise consumer awareness on sustainable consumption. Through dialogues with policymakers, we can influence change for a safer, cleaner and better environment  

Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTs) Accra, Ghana 

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the Green Action Fund?


After adapting so impressively to the coronavirus pandemic last year, we are expecting that most of us will continue to need to adapt, not postpone or think that it will not affect us. This year, we are focusing on “planning for covid, building for a future after covid” and “going deeper, not wider”. Much more about this focus, and more examples, are in the guide and webinar.

The situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing rapidly, so first of all we want to repeat that if you have any questions, please contact us early in the application and campaign-planning process.

Specific things to think about:

  • Adhere to your national health ministry’s instructions, and the World Health Organisation’s advice.

  • Even if the situation in your country has stabilised by the time of your planned activities and they are permitted to take place, there may be other complications in the aftermath of the virus that will make it harder for your location, resources, or participants. It is important that you have a contingency plan, whatever the situation is estimated to be in September & October 2022.

  • Also, please take into consideration the impact that the next few months will have on your own organisation, your resources and your team. Prioritise caring for yourself and each other, and do not overcommit.

  • As administrators of Green Action Week, we promise to be flexible and recognise that in these very difficult times your activities, outcomes, and workload could be very different. You can talk to us about any difficulties you might have.

  • We can also think positively about how we can help people imagine a better world in the weeks after this crisis stabilises. When planning your campaign, how would you design your activities if we assume the pandemic continues and we are trying to create a better world at the same time?


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