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Standards are an integral part of the way we protect consumers globally. Agreed by experts, businesses and consumers, standards make our world easier, safer and more accessible. Although non-binding they often go on to form widely used legislation and act as a compliance system throughout the world. Consumers International has worked in the area of standards for as long as we have existed.


Our work in this area

Since our creation in 1960, we have worked closely with a range of key stakeholders to ensure that consumers have a voice in standardisation. From participating in the standard development process at a global level to encouraging member involvement at a national level, we strive to guarantee that standards remain an essential tool for protecting consumers and strengthening their trust in products and services. 

Consumers International has strong and long-standing relations with the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) and their Consumer Policy Committee (COPOLCO).




As a Liaison organisation for COPOLCO, we propose new work items that can lead to the development of new standards. We have supported the development of many new standards on important areas such as energy, mobile payments and corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment to capacity building and training for consumer groups on standardisation has also enabled consumer organisations to develop a better understanding of why standards are such an important part of consumer protection. 

Learn more about our work with COPOLCO.


  • Consumers International proposed, worked on and even drafted the first version of an international standard on improving the delivery of energy services to consumers. The standard was approved by ISO in August 2016 - the first time that a standard proposed by an NGO has become an ISO international standard. 
  • We were instrumental in getting the standard on access to water and sanitation approved. The standard has increased consumer rights and improved industry practice, particularly in Latin America where it has been widely adopted. 
  • As part of the ISO working group on mobile banking, we contributed to the drafting of ISO Standard 12812, which secured more transparency in remittances sent between countries and strengthened protection for consumers affected for unauthorised or fraudulent use of their payment systems. 

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Consumers International full members can also subscribe to dedicated Standards eNetwork for updates and announcements by emailing members@consint.org with your full name, work email address and organisation details.


New ISO standard to improve informed consumer choice

Consumers International has welcomed the release of an ISO standard on unit pricing, which provides consumers with the price of products per standardised unit of measure, for example per kg or per litre.



World Standards Day 2019: Laying the foundations for a better world

To mark World Standards Day 2019, our Advocacy Manager Antonino Serra outlines why international standards have such a pivotal role to play in making the products and services we use on a daily basis better, safer and more sustainable.


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