The Digital Hive

How can we create a digital world where everyone can access good quality internet? Where they feel safe and respected? Where privacy and protection are built into systems and services from the beginning? Where consumers don’t have to compromise on quality, care and fair treatment?

In the Digital Hive, our theme for the event, we worked together with consumer organisations, business, governments and civil society to answer these questions and discover how we can put consumers at the heart of digital innovations.

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More on the Theme

The summit harnessed the power of collective intelligence, fostering understanding between those who create digital products and services, and those who use and regulate them.

At the Summit, discussed the issues that are important to consumers living in a digital society and economy, such as choice, access and regulation. It will look at the opportunities for consumers in regard to new technologies, as well as some of the challenges consumers face. 

We brought together governments, regulators, civil society, businesses and academics to catalyse future change, and support breakthroughs and innovations which will benefit consumers, digital businesses and society as a whole.