Key information for our Members

A new context

As we battle rising prices across energy, food and finance, advance climate goals and safeguard the most vulnerable consumers amidst rapid digitisation, our agenda will ask crucial questions of decision-makers and further collaboration across those instrumental to marketplace change.

How can we make sustainable lifestyles the norm? How do we build a digital future consumers can trust? How do we strengthen consumer protection between and across borders? Through calls to action, the release of latest insights and best practice case studies we will address these questions.

Key Moments

An Exclusive Connection and Sharing Day 

While the Congress (held December 06 - 07) will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, on 08 December we will leave space for strategic connects. The day offers a chance to make global connections and discuss a broad range of consumer topics.

General Assembly

The final day will also see us running our General Assembly. Held every four years, this is the formal process by which our Members elect the Consumers International President and Council