Consumers International announce series spotlighting consumer stories of change produced by BBC StoryWorks

18 September 2023

The digital transformation of commerce has introduced consumers to new habits, methods, opportunities, and threats. The urgency of climate action demands new approaches. Crises of global health, economy, societal upheaval have also shaken up markets. Meanwhile, the Next Generation of digital native consumers – with their distinct values and endless access to information – represent an increasingly large proportion of all consumer spend in the marketplace. The landscape in which consumers now exist, and interact with businesses, has shifted.  


To explore this new landscape, Consumers International is delighted to announce a new online branded content series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. Through powerful documentary-style films and immersive content, the series - Purchasing Powers: the New Consumer - will focus on the initiatives and organisations empowering, protecting and championing consumers across marketplaces and across the world. It will explore the benefits to consumers, businesses and other marketplace actors of a dynamic that builds trust, and will focus on the following areas: 

  • Digital consumption: The future of consumption is digital. The series will explore how organisations are innovating the way people consume, and how consumers can be empowered in this digital age. Who are the organisations that are digitally innovating consumption? What does new, digitally enabled consumption look like? How can safer marketplaces be created? How can consumers be empowered in this increasingly digital age? How can inequalities that emerge from the digital era be addressed?  
  • Sustainable consumption: The series will explore what more sustainable consumption looks like for consumers and the environment. Who are the organisations empowering consumers to make less impactful choices on the planet? How can consumers consume more responsibly? What organisations are leading the charge in working with consumers to help mitigate climate change and its effects?  
  • Healthier consumption: Consumers are prioritising health and wellness more than ever. The series will explore how healthier choices are provided for all. What does healthier consumption look like, and how does it improve everyone’s wellbeing? Who are the organisations supporting consumers in making healthier choices? How can consumers consume more fairly? How are organisations working to support consumers in making choices that favours wellbeing and health for all?
  • New paradigms: There’s a new generation of consumers who have raised expectations of organisations that touch their lives, wanting to be involved in their decision-making. Who are the organisations empowering consumers, and giving them a platform? What are the emerging, consumer-centric business models that could be scaled up? What does the “new consumer contract” look like?  


The series will present a kaleidoscope of progressive and impactful initiatives across sectors. When taken together these stories will paint a picture of what a healthy, responsible, and equitable future might look like for the consumer. This will convey to consumers – particularly emerging generations – a new perspective about the power of the consumer.

We are thrilled to tell the consumer story as part of our vision for a fair, safe and sustainable marketplace. The series will be hosted on a dedicated branded microsite on and launch formally in 2024, and a multi-platform digital campaign will engage relevant audiences from among’s 155 million monthly browsers and our wide network.

We will share more about this exciting collaboration at our Global Congress this December 2023, as we look to bring the consumer story to screen.