G20 Consumer Summit 2018

On May 15th and 16th, Consumers International co-hosted, along with the Argentinian National Directorate for Consumer Protection, the second annual G20 Consumer Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This followed on from the successful G20 Consumer Summit in 2017 that was held in Berlin, on the theme of Building a digital world consumers can trust.

The 2018 G20 Consumer Summit brought together an international audience of senior government representatives, consumer leaders and international business to discuss a range of consumer issues relating to the safety of children’s internet-connected products, emerging challenges in product safety and food waste.

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'Huggybug your Family today!'

At the G20 Consumer Summit, Consumers International launched a 60-second spoof advert ‘Huggy Bug Your Family’, highlighting some of the problems found in internet-connected children’s products.

We are calling on the G20 countries to improve the security and data protection of children's connected products and services over the next year and support greater international co-operation on the topic.


Key themes

A major theme this year will be the safety of connected products and services for children.

It is estimated that 20 billion devices are now connected to the internet, with this number growing exponentially. This creates new challenges to the safety of digital children’s products, including the possibility of devices being hacked, the non-consensual harvesting of children’s data and questions about the consequences for children’s mental health.

The first day of this year’s G20 Consumer Summit, will explore these issues and discuss how governments, businesses and NGOs can work together to develop effective responses.

Follow all of the conversation and discussion from the event by viewing #G20Consumers on Twitter. 


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