As consumers we all have a right to know that the products and services we buy will satisfy our needs, be fit for purpose, and, most importantly, be safe. Whether that’s food that’s in date and produced to certain standards, or a child’s car seat that’s been rigorously tested. We want everyone to be provided with the right facts and skills to make confident and empowered decisions. Through our research and campaigning activities alongside other consumer organisations worldwide, we’re working towards a world with safer products for all. Our work helps to ensure that products aren’t promoted with misleading information, and that known safety issues are addressed.


Joint Statement: Consumers International calls for COVID-19 response to focus on global consumer protection and empowerment

Consumers International members in 100 countries are calling for a focus on the protection and empowerment of individuals in the marketplace based on consumer rights, and for coordinated strategies across nations and intergovernmental bodies to build fair, safe, resilient and sustainable economies through consumer protection.



World Standards Day 2019: Laying the foundations for a better world

To mark World Standards Day 2019, our Advocacy Manager Antonino Serra outlines why international standards have such a pivotal role to play in making the products and services we use on a daily basis better, safer and more sustainable.


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