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One area consumers are often left at a disadvantage with the companies they interact is in air travel.

Flights are delayed or cancelled, luggage is lost or damaged but consumers don't always get the compensation and support they are due. In particular, if your flight departed from Europe or was with a European airline, you might have rights under EU law, however not many people understand what they are entitled to. With our members have launched the #FlightDelays research and campaign. 

The Issue

A new international survey of airline passengers reveals, 1 in 4 flights delayed. 1 in ten people had their luggage lost, damaged or delayed. Less than half of passengers received assistance or compensation. An international consumer survey of 11,000 passengers from eight countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and including more than 20,000 flight experiences during 2016, has revealed widespread flight delays and lost luggage problems. The research, conducted by a coalition of Consumers International members, found that 6% of the flights had a delay of at least two hours. Despite the fact at this the point EU regulations require airlines to provide assistance, such as food and drink, only 46% of passengers received it. Airline companies also failed to meet their obligations when the delay was over three hours. In 75% of these cases passengers were not reimbursed as per EU law. Read more about what our members are doing to help consumers in this area. 

Latest News
27 April 2017

Press Release: New consumer survey finds airline passengers facing widespread delays and luggage problems

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