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Consumers International Summit: The Digital Hive

13 November 2018

Consumers International is delighted to announce we are partnering with the Consumer Directorate-General of Portugal (the central public body responsible for consumer policy), with the support of Portuguese Ministry of Economy, to host our first global digital consumer summit, bringing together consumer experts from around the world with the global digital industry. 

The summit will be held in Portugal and will run from the 30 April 2019 for two days, preceded by side events the day before (29 April 2019) and a member exclusive day of learning and sharing and Consumers International general assembly the day after (2 May 2019). This event also marks our 21st World Congress.

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The Summit Theme: The Digital Hive

The summit will convene a uniquely broad group of contributors including consumer organisations from around the globe and representatives from business, civil society and governments, bringing together unique perspectives on the digital world, its possibilities and potential pitfalls.

By harnessing the power of collective intelligence and fostering understanding between those who create digital products and services, and those who use and regulate them, we will catalyse future change, and support breakthroughs and innovations which will benefit consumers, digital businesses and society as a whole.

Registration for the summit will begin in December.

If you would like more information about sponsorship opportunities at the summit please contact Head of Fundraising and Partnerships, Paulo Gomes on pgomes@consint.org or 020 7226 6663.

Our View

“This event is an important moment for the worldwide consumer movement to come together. It’s our chance to share insights into what consumers want and need, to see beyond buying data and consumer surveys, to understand the global picture of consumers and how as a community we can get the absolute best for them.

“This time we are inviting those who create digital products and services to join us, to be part of the conversation, to share understanding and to really get under the skin of what consumers need from a digital society and economy. It will be the first time, the supply side and those representing the demand side have come together in a truly collaborative and inspirational environment.  We want to put the consumer voice at the heart of digital development” 

Amanda Long, Director General, Consumers International

A quote from the Consumer Directorate-General of Portugal

“Constant effort is needed to address the challenges of protecting and empowering consumers in a complex and rapidly developing online environment. All players must work together and cooperation is crucial to achieve our goals. The Consumer Directorate-General of Portugal is delighted to host the most important Consumer Summit under the theme “Digital Hive”, encouraging participation with the objective of sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences between all.”

Ana Catarina Fonseca, Director General

The Internet Society

We are delighted that the Internet Society, a global non-profit organisation that shares our vision of putting people at the centre of the digital world, has also joined us as lead partner.

Andrew Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Internet Society said, "The Internet Society values our partnership with Consumers International, and our shared focus on creating a safer, more trusted Internet for everyone. We are proud to join as lead partner for the summit, and we look forward to working together on a wide range of initiatives to increase consumer trust online."