Anne Fransen Fund 2020 Projects Announced

14 April 2020

Consumers International is delighted to announce that six of our members have been chosen to receive funding through the Anne Fransen Fund (AFF). This year’s winners are from Peru, Rwanda, Togo, Tajikistan, India, and Indonesia.

About the AFF

The Anne Fransen Fund is an annual grant prize which aims to promote the growth of the consumer movement in developing countries. Grants of €9,500 are awarded to consumer organisations in developing to carry out projects linked to one of the eight consumer rights.

The fund was founded in 1988 in memory of Anne Fransen, the first director of our Dutch member, Consumentenbond. Since then, Consumentenbond has provided nearly a million euros in funding to consumer groups in developing countries, enabling these groups to have a greater impact and to enhance their institutional capacity.

This year’s winners

PeruASPEC: Established to promote and defend the rights of consumers in Peru, its mission is to inform and educate consumers, to denounce abuses in the marketplace and take legal action whenever required, and to campaign to raise the awareness of Peruvian consumers on a wide range of issues such as food, labelling, false advertising and public utilities. ASPEC sits on various committees and is a member of several utility regulatory bodies.

Rwanda – ADECOR: The establishment of ADECOR was based on four fundamental rights for Rwandan consumers: 1. right to a decent life (safe and quality goods and services); 2. right to free choice (accessibility to multiple and affordable choices of goods and services), 3. right to information (about prices and descriptions and effects of products and services), and finally, 4. right to be heard (being able to express his/her satisfaction or grievances and get appropriate remedies). With more than 400 members across the country volunteering when there is necessity, ADECOR has also initiated provincial committees of consumers.

Togo: L'Association Togolaise des Consommateurs (ATC) was established in 1999 with the purpose of promoting consumer interests and raising awareness about their rights. ATC monitors the quality of goods and services and ensures that pricing and competition are effective in the marketplace. It also represents consumers in several national decision-making bodies. ATC watches unfair practices and uses legal action if required.

Tajikistan – CU: The Consumers' Union of Tajikistan was formed in the year 2002. It is created by experts in the areas of consumer rights, the economy and the justice system. Its main purposes are to protect consumers' rights and act in the interest of consumers and to build a fair and competitive market of goods and services in Tajikistan.

India – VOICE: Consumer VOICE is a consumer protection group that was set up by teachers and students in 1983 with the objective of promoting and strengthening consumer education in India. Its main mission is to empower consumers through comparative product testing and services evaluation, educating consumers about good business practices in competitive market, and driving change by sensitising stakeholders towards quality products and services.

Indonesia – YCI: Founded in 1978, Yogyakarta Consumers Institute (LKY)’s vision is to realise and deliver justice for every consumer by ensuring they are adequately protected and fully aware of their rights. They achieve this in a range of ways including establishing strong links with other consumer groups, influencing policy, settling consumer disputes and empowering consumers through education. They have a particular focus on protecting vulnerable consumer groups including women and children. They also work closely with the Private Sector Ombudsman of Yogyakarta Province, Consumer Dispute Settlement Board of Yogyakarta, Women Organization (PKK), government agencies (in agriculture, health, education, economy and trade fields), academics and universities and other NGOs.