Anne Fransen Fund 2019 Project Announced

02 April 2019

Consumers International is delighted to announce that six of our members have been chosen to receive funding through the Anne Fransen Fund (AFF).This year’s winners are from Peru, Rwanda, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Armenia and Myanmar.


The Anne Fransen Fund is an annual grant prize which aims to promote the growth of the consumer movement in developing countries. Grants of up to €10,000 are awarded to consumer organisations in developing countries to carry out projects linked to one of the eight consumer rights.

The fund was founded in 1988 in memory of Anne Fransen, the first director of our Dutch member, Consumentenbond. Since then, Consumentenbond has provided nearly a million euros in funding to consumer groups in developing countries, enabling these groups to have a greater impact and to enhance their institutional capacity.

Anne Fransen, the first director of Consumers International member organisation, Consumentenbond.

2019 projects

Peru  ASPEC’s project will develop a system for monitoring labelling on processed food. They will be investigating food products to find items that contravene Peru’s Consumer Protection and Defence Code (CPDC) and whose labelling may be misleading. Their findings will be publicised in the media and will form part of an awareness-raising campaign directed at educating consumers about their rights. ASPEC will also be filing complaints against any company found to be violating the CPDC and encouraging businesses to take voluntary corrective measures on their own products.

Rwanda – ADECOR are aiming to strengthen the rights of consumers by identifying gaps in financial policies and regulations, and then campaigning to rectify these gaps. ADECOR will also carry out community dialogue meetings, as well as radio and television broadcasts, to help build up financial literacy among consumers. They will also publish a training manual on financial literacy, which will be translated into the local language to make it more accessible for consumers across the country.

Burundi – ABUCO will be establishing a ‘Consumer Legal Assistance Centre’ to provide education on consumer rights and to provide legal assistance in cases of rights violations. Consumers will be able to access the centre’s services via email and phone, as well as by visiting the centre in person. Lawyers will be on hand to support consumers to make complaints to the relevant authorities.

Cabo Verde – ADECO’s aim is to protect consumers using financial services. They will be hosting television and radio programmes to inform and educate consumers about their rights when using financial services, and to increase financial literacy. ADECO will also be encouraging policymakers to adopt policies that provide greater protection to consumers.

Armenia – ANNA will be collaborating with teachers and parents to set up consumer rights clubs in schools in Yerevan, Kotayk and Ararat. These clubs with teach young consumers about their rights and duties and will support them to make informed decisions in the future. ANNA hope that the project can be replicated across Armenia if successful.

Myanmar – MCU Consumer protections in Myanmar are not well established, and public awareness of consumer rights is low. In this project, the Myanmar Consumers Union will focus on training its members to be able to deliver consumer education to people across the country. Members will be expected to apply their knowledge by reporting on the consumer issues in their region, to show knowledge and skill improvement.