Anne Fransen Fund 2018 projects announced

29 March 2018

Consumers International is excited to announce that six members from Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, Argentina, Nepal and Gambia will promote the protection of consumers in their countries through funding provided by the Anne Fransen Fund 2018.

About the fund

This year’s projects will focus on improving consumers’ day-to-day lives by helping them to lead healthier lifestyles and improve their access to safer, higher-quality products and services.

Each participating member will receive a grant of up to €10,000 to fund their projects, which are all linked to at least one of the eight basic consumer rights.

These grants are made available due to the generosity of our Dutch member Consumentenbond, whose former director established the Anne Fransen Fund in 1988. The fund is supported by contributions from Consumentenbond’s individual members, who since 1981 have invested over €700,000 in sister organisations across the world.

For over three decades, Consumentenbond’s commitment to building the consumer movement globally has strengthened and empowered thousands of consumers in developing and transitional economies. 

Last year Consumer VOICE, one of our Indian members, ran a series of digital literacy workshops

2018 projects

VOCTA - Bangladesh

VOCTA will be reviewing and categorising randomly selected casual restaurants in Dhaka to raise consumer awareness about the importance of food safety. They will be basing their categorisation on food safety standards and the HACCP system.


In Mali, ASCOMA will be running a consumer awareness and education programme to combat the growing problem of Malians buying and selling illegal medication, an issue which is complicating pathology practices and is contributing to the spread of antibiotic resistance.

CAO - Nigeria

CAO’s project will focus on strengthening consumer protection in Nigeria by disseminating information to local communities in Delta state about existing redress mechanisms available to them. The overall aim will be to raise consumers’ awareness of their rights and empower them to seek redress. 

Consumidores Argentinos - Argentina

Consumidores Argentinos will be developing an online conflict and dispute resolution platform that will enable consumers to enforce their rights and communicate with digital providers when they are dissatisfied with a product or service. The platform will be created in a way that is easy to replicate, so consumer advocates can implement similar platforms nationally and in other countries.

SEWA - Nepal

In Nepal, SEWA will be using a range of methods to raise national awareness on a range of consumer issues, including the importance of access to a fast, reliable and affordable internet connection. In addition to digital consumer issues, they will also campaign for fairer pricing of essential commodities in the Kathmandu Valley.

CPAG - Gambia

CPAG will be using their grant to raise educate consumers about the prevalence and dangers caused by the consumption of food high in aflatoxins, which can have a long-term effect on vital digestive organs in the human body. The project will involve educating consumer advocates on the issue and engaging with policy makers in The Gambia to put the issue on the national agenda.