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Día Mundial de los Derechos del Consumidor 2019: Productos Inteligentes de Confianza

También crearemos nuestro mapa interactivo, blog en vivo y TweetWall en español. ¡El TweetWall ya está en vivo! El mapa interactivo y el blog en vivo vendrán pronto.


Acción global para #BetterDigitalWorld

Explore nuestro mapa interactivo para descubrir cómo se celebra el Día Mundial de los Derechos del Consumidor en su región ...

Blog en vivo 


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Joint Statement: Consumers International calls for COVID-19 response to focus on global consumer protection and empowerment

Consumers International members in 100 countries are calling for a focus on the protection and empowerment of individuals in the marketplace based on consumer rights, and for coordinated strategies across nations and intergovernmental bodies to build fair, safe, resilient and sustainable economies through consumer protection.



World Standards Day 2020: Protecting people and planet with standards

Today is World Standards Day 2020. Standards impact most areas of everyday life, from universal symbols and signals to assurances about product quality, performance, composition and processes. Standards also help protect consumers by making the world easier, safer, more sustainable and more accessible, as well as allowing comparison and benchmarking across a broad array of sectors.
The United Nations’ Guidelines on Consumer Protection (UNGCP) are the only set of global recommendations for government, business and consumer groups to advance consumer rights. The UNGCP promotes both sustainability and establishing minimum standards, which shows the link at the international level between sustainability issues and the use of standards.
Since Consumers International’s creation in 1960, we have worked to ensure consumers have a voice in standardisation. On World Standards Day 2020, which focuses on “protecting the planet with standards”, we are promoting the vital role of standards for a sustainable future. Read on to explore three areas where standards are critical for protecting both consumers and the environment and the work we are doing to ensure continued safeguarding.


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Can I Recycle This?: A Global Mapping and Assessment of Standards, Labels and Claims on Plastic Packaging

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