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Consumer information for sustainable consumption

As consumers, we want to know that the products we buy and the services we choose are safe and do not jeopardise the livelihoods of supply chain workers, or future generations. We also want to live in a healthy environment, and have secure access to essential services like energy, water and sanitation. However, in order for consumers to make decisions which support a more sustainable lifestyle for all, they need access to education and clear, reliable information about sustainable consumption.


We co-lead the Consumer Information Programme for Sustainable Consumption and Production (CI-SCP), one of six programmes under the UN’s 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP).

The programme supports the provision of quality information on goods and services, working with civil society, business and government.

Through the programme, we support projects on product design and durability, behavioural science, standards and labelling, digital communication tools and other initiatives to encourage and empower consumers to lead more sustainable lifestyles.

We co-lead the programme with the German and Indonesian environment ministries, in collaboration with UN Environment and supported by an expert multi-stakeholder advisory committee.

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We also co-manage the 10YFP's Global SCP Clearinghouse, a one-stop hub to share information and knowledge around sustainable consumption, and trigger more global innovation and co-operation. Why not take a look, and even sign up and share your ideas and activities.

Highlights and successes

  • We contributed to the development of the ISO 26000 international guidance standard on Social Responsibility, guidance on how businesses and organisations can operate in a socially responsible way
  • As part of the 10YFP Consumer Information Programme, we've contributed to several reports published by UN Environment. See the section below for more details.

Consumers International promoting our work on sustainable consumption at the United Nations headquarters in New York


The Long View - Exploring Product Lifetime Extension 
'The Long View', published by UN Environment, examines the durability of seven consumer products, from smartphones to fridges, and evidence for planned or premature obsolescence in wider consumer goods.

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Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information
The Guidelines, published by UN Environment, provide guidance and examples for companies (of all sizes and regions) to make effective, trustworthy claims to consumers, on product-related sustainability information.

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Consuming Differently, Consuming Sustainably: Behavioural Insights for Policymaking
This report, published by UN Environment, looks at how strategies for encouraging behaviour change can improve policies for sustainable consumption.

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Green Action Fund 2017 winners announced

25 members in developing and transitional economies will receive a grant of £2,000 each to implement this year’s Green Action Fund campaigns.



What kind of tech company are you? Some key questions for everyone in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica revelations

The full story of the Cambridge Analytica case is still unfolding, with official investigations by the ICO and UK Parliament pending. However, alongside some of the more detailed inquiries about what occurred, much bigger questions remain about how companies and regulators operate in the digital economy and society now - and what we should demand of them in the future.


Our Latest Publication

Connecting Voices: a role for consumer rights in developing digital society

Our major new report explores how consumer digital issues are presenting themselves in selected Latin American, African and Asian countries and where there are opportunities to focus resources to more effectively achieve positive change. The research is based on a survey of our members, interviews with consumer activists, digital rights organisations and intergovernmental organisations.

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