WCRD 2015: Thunderous support for healthy diets!

19 March 2015

This year’s World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) campaign message achieved CI’s highest ever reach on social media. The message, “I want a world where consumers have the right to healthy food #WHO must take action #FoodTreatyNow” reached more than 2.8 million social media users. 
Argentinian Member&Pope_th

The social media campaign was run in Spanish, English and Portuguese, using the tool Thunderclap. Director General of CI, Amanda Long welcomed the result:

“This is a big step forward for CI and for our campaign calling for a Global Convention to protect and promote healthy diets. It shows the power of using digital tools to amplify our voices.”

National activites to mark WCRD were held by 110 CI Members in 84 countries. All of these, along with news reports, health indicator data and policy information, are displayed in full on an interactive WCRD map.

Member activities were organised in support CI’s call for a Global Convention and highlighted the difficulties consumers face in making healthy food choices. You can view photos of some of our Member activites on our Facebook page. 

Here are just a few:

El Poder del Consumidor in Mexico created a short animated film making the case for a global convention.

Consumers Union of Argentina (UCA) arranged a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican to present CI's WCRD 2015 campaign and recommendations for a #FoodTreatyNow.

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe organised an awareness raising day with events across the country including: a 10km race, stalls checking blood pressure and body mass index, addresses by speakers and street marches. 

In Cape Verde, Consumer Defence Association (ADECO) commissioned radio and television spots under the motto "consumer rights to healthy eating"; organised a ceremony in partnership with the Ministry of Health; as well as a series of lectures, exhibitions and cultural and sports activities.

The National Society for Consumer Protection Jordan collaborated with the Oman Association for Consumer Protection to organise seminars in Jordan and Oman. 

In Finland, Kuluttajat-Konsumenternary published a downloadable children's book about a young troll with an unhealthy diet, in order to raise awareness of the effect of poor food choices, and the importance of nutrition advice from an early age.

In the Netherlands, Consumentenbond began building a 'Wall of Shame' showcasing examples of unhealthy advertising. Every month consumers can vote for the worst of three nominated products or producers. 

UK Member Which? surveyed cereal bars and revealed some very high levels of sugar, including those marketed specifically to children. Kellogg’s Coco Pops Snack Bar was the worst offender containing 42% sugar. 

In South Korea - Korea National Council of Consumer Organisations (KNCCO), Consumers Korea and Consumers Union of Korea - teamed up to organise a round table seminar and street event. 

CI Members also teamed up in Malaysia, where the Selangor and Federal Territory Consumers Association, the Education & Research Association for Consumers, and the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations, organised an event called, 'Know your food.' Events were held at hypermarkets where children were asked to choose their own food up to USD$30. A professional dietician analysed their choices and gave feedback.  

Amanda Long emphasised the need to build on the momentum generated by WCRD:

“Next, we need to build on this activity and support to get more organisations and governments speaking out for a food treaty ahead of the World Health Assembly in May.” 

Unhealthy diets contribute to more than 11 million deaths a year. This means it is now a bigger killer than tobacco. Obesity alone is estimated to cost $2 trillion per year.