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Support our global call to #cleanupcars

02 October 2015

Building on our #cleanupcars call, Consumers International has issued a call to global car companies to immediately undertake thorough investigations of all its models to ensure they are not using technology that artificially improves the results of emissions tests, and to openly publish the results within seven days.VW_cars_2_th

We’re asking our membership to support this call to ensure consumer confidence in the sector is restored by sharing the open letter available for download below.

We have already gained support from consumer organisations from different corners of the world. 

Amanda Long, Director General of Consumers International, said

“In a global marketplace, VW have seriously breached consumer trust, and this has unfortunately extended across the industry as a whole. Major car companies must act now to restore that trust.”

The open letter stated:

The recent scandal over Volkswagen’s use of in-car technology to rig the results of emissions tests on diesel cars sold in the US has undermined consumer trust in your sector and raised serious issues about the reliability of test results in the global car manufacturing industry.

This particular scandal reflects ongoing concerns about testing for fuel efficiency and emissions across the wider industry that have been raised by several of our national members.

A number of actions are needed to restore consumer trust. We ask you to proactively and openly issue a statement in support of all of the following:

  • Immediate and thorough investigations of the technology used in your own cars to ensure that they are not rigging the results of emissions tests or other tests such as fuel efficiency tests.
  • Complete transparency in the publication of the results of these investigations with a CEO announcement within the next seven days. Commitment to providing consumers redress if problems are identified.
  • Support a thorough review and improvement in test protocols for emissions tests including improved oversight of testing conducted by the industry and including independent testing where necessary.

The right to accurate and timely information is fundamental to a well-functioning economy and the ability of consumers to make an informed choice. It is vital to act to restore consumer confidence at this time.

“We are now waiting to see what response we get from the car companies, and expect them to take seriously the impact their silence is having on consumers and their reputation.” said Ms Long.