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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Global Update

07 December 2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall has had affected consumers across the world and Samsung's response to the crisis has been far from consistent. We've put together global update so you can find out how the response has differed from region to region -


In the USA, prior to 21st September customers could exchange the faulty phone for the safer model of the Galaxy Note7. Now US customers can only exchange the faulty phone for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge and get replacement of any Note7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices; or they can contact their point of purchase to obtain a total refund.


In Australia, from 21st September customers were able to exchange faulty phones for the safer models of the Galaxy Note7.* Samsung has also announced that an automatic software update will be released in Australia from 21st September to all original Galaxy Note7 smartphones purchased in this country. The software update will automatically download and install to all original Galaxy Note7 smartphones that were purchased in Australia to limit the smartphone battery to a maximum charge of 60 per cent. The update is part of Samsung Australia’s ongoing commitment to safety in relation to the battery cell issue with original versions of the smartphone. There will also be a software update made available that customers will need to download for new replacement Galaxy Note7 smartphones. This software update will introduce a green battery icon to identify that the new device does not have the reported battery issue and is safe to use.

Hong Kong and Macau

Thanks to the work of Hong Kong Consumer Council, Samsung’s Hong Kong and Macau website has the most up to date and detailed information, with its very own separate pop up on their website. They state exactly how many of the model had be sold in Hong Kong between 26th August and 1 September – which was 500 units. Samsung say the units sold after the 1st September are not at risk of being affected as the batteries were provided by another supplier.

Samsung in Hong Kong and Macau, have issued this notice: 
A mandatory software update will be issued on 18 September 2016 to the remaining 159 Galaxy Note7 devices – purchased in Hong Kong and Macau between 26 August and 1 September 2016 – which may be affected by the battery issue. This mandatory software update will limit maximum battery capacity to 60% as a safety precaution and help urge customers to return these affected devices as soon as possible. Push notifications and public announcements will be made beforehand to alert consumers of the rationale and consequences of this automatic software update.

At the same time, we continue to contact owners of the remaining affected Galaxy Note7 devices using multiple channels and all means available to us.

They are also encouraging Hong Kong and Macau consumers to check whether their phone is safe by using their IMEI number and cross checking it against Samsung’s own database, using a webform on their country specific website.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the programme to exchange faulty phones for safer Galaxy Note7 with a new battery is still running, but it is being coordinated by retailers and network providers that originally sold the faulty product. Customers who have bought a faulty phone should have been contacted by retailers and network providers before the 19th September to arrange an exchange, but if they haven’t been contacted they are encouraged to contact whoever they purchased the model from to arrange the exchange themselves. 

Samsung UK advises, “If you have a Galaxy Note7 device, until a replacement device is provided Samsung asks that you power down your device and return it to its place of purchase at your earliest opportunity. Please use your previous device until a new Galaxy Note7 can be provided. If you do not have your previous device please contact the provider or operator you purchased the device from to organise a loan device until it is possible to exchange your Galaxy Note7.”

South Korea

In South Korea, customers were offered a temporary phone until the 18th September while they waited for Samsung to replace their faulty phone with the safer Galaxy Note7 with a new battery. The safer product replacement has been available from the 19th September and affected consumers can arrange their exchange in store. If returning the phone for a refund is difficult customers can return the product to another location, listed on Samsung Korea’s website, for which they will receive cash on delivery.