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Mozilla fellow joins Consumers International to tackle use of AI in targeted advertising

26 September 2019

Consumers International will host a Mozilla fellow from the 2019/2020 cohort to support our work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the opportunities and challenges it creates for consumers globally. The fellow will contribute to a new project exploring the consequences of using AI in advertising on consumers.

This year’s Mozilla Fellowship Programme focuses on the topic of trustworthy AI — artificial intelligence that helps, rather than harms, humanity.

Representing consumer perspectives on AI

Earlier this year, Consumers International released a new study on consumer experiences of artificial intelligence (AI) and the ways in which AI-enabled services shape their consumer journeys, experiences, and outcomes. The report suggested six areas for joint action to make sure consumers wants and needs were at the heart of AI development. 

With the support of the Mozilla Fellowship Programme, we will now continue our work through the lens of two key concepts: transparency and accountability.

The unintended consequences of using AI for targeted advertising can include encouraging overconsumption and harmful behaviours, exposure to inappropriate content and reducing consumer choice online. Working with our fellow, we plan to create guidance on how advertisers can be more transparent and accountable, pre-empting and preventing the negative impact of their AI-enabled technology on consumers.

About our Fellow

Consumers International will be hosting Mozilla fellow Harriet Kingaby, co-chair of The Conscious Advertising Network, a voluntary coalition of over 30 organisations that are set up to ensure that industry ethics catch up with the technology of modern advertising. Harriet has previously been involved in projects on behaviour change around single use plastic, transparent and ethical advertising and AI ethics.

Harriet said: “I'm really excited to be working with Consumers International on the Fellowship. Consumers are increasingly aware of the way in which digital technologies are shaping their lives. It is therefore important that the fast-paced advertising industry can implement AI in a way that maximises the benefits for consumers and society, while mitigating negative unintended consequences. Over the next 10 months, we'll look forward to creating positive practical guidance that will benefit both the industry and consumers.”

Our view

“Consumers all over the world receive AI-enabled advertising on a daily basis and we working with our members and leaders from business, civil society, government and academia to build a holistic picture of what ‘good’ looks like and how to deliver that.

We are delighted to begin this exciting new work in partnership with Mozilla, and welcome the opportunity to work with Harriet, utilising her wealth of experience in advertising and marketing to explore how we can deliver transparent and trustworthy AI for consumers globally.”

Liz Coll, Head of Digital Change, Consumers International