Green Action Fund 2018 winners announced

03 August 2018

Consumers International is delighted to announce that 24 Consumers International members from developing and transitional economies are to be awarded a grant of £2,000 each to implement this year’s Green Action Fund campaigns.

The Green Action Fund is an annual award that promotes sustainable consumption through awareness-raising, training and educational activities. The grants are made available by our partner, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and administered by Consumers International, with the campaigns being delivered during September and October 2018.

This year our members will be running 24 campaigns in 20 countries across five continents: ten in Africa, seven in Asia-Pacific, four in Latin America, two in the Middle East and one in Europe. The projects will be tackling a range of issues this year, from poor sanitation in Rwanda to pollution in the Santiago river in Mexico.

Sharing Community

A new theme has been adopted for this year’s campaign: ‘Sharing Community’. In accordance with this new theme, participants will be promoting cultures of sharing and collaboration in their communities to secure sustainable access to goods and services for all, while also promoting sustainable use of the planet’s resources.

Participating members will host key events during Green Action Week, the annual global campaign running between 1st and 7th October. You can follow #GreenActionWeek on Twitter, or like the Green Action Week Facebook page, for all the latest news on the campaigns.

Download our summary for an overview of this year’s Green Action Week.