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We can provide expert comments on international consumer issues and have up to the minute research and statistics on key consumer issues such as food safety, digital consumer rights and international trade agreements. If you have a media inquiry we’d be happy to help, either directly or by putting you in touch with one of our member organisation based throughout the globe. To speak to us about the story you are working on please get in touch with the staff in our communications department:

Main point of contact: Suzi Price, global brand and communications manager, media@consint.org, +44207 226 6663 or out of hours (before or after 9.30 -5.30 BST/GMT) +44 7572 149547


Consumers International launches Trust by Design Guidelines for consumer IoT

Consumers International has launched a new set of principles and guidelines to help manufacturers create safe and trusted smart devices for consumers – sometimes known as the consumer internet of things (or CIoT).



Drowning in Plastic: How can we make sustainable consumption the easy choice for consumers?

We’ve only been mass-manufacturing plastic for 60 years, but in that time have produced an impressive 8.3 billion tonnes – the equivalent weight of a billion elephants! Less impressive is that only 9% of this has been recycled. Instead, waste plastic is left to pollute our land, seas and air.