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Global Congress 2023 to unite leaders in Kenya and build a resilient future for consumers

Every four years Consumers International’s Global Congress brings together the consumer movement and leading cross-sector influencers to tackle pressing issues impacting consumers worldwide. We are delighted to announce our 2023 Global Congress will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 06 – 08 December.

We will build on our previous editions of the event and our leading role in creating a powerful coalition across government, international agencies, business and civil society. Together for change, the Congress will be impact-oriented, focussed on developing practical solutions among marketplace actors and ensuring that consumers are brought into action and dialogue.


New initiatives announced at Global Congress 

Building the Consumer Voice into Digital Finance  

Digital financial services are helping people around the world open a bank account, build resilience and seize financial opportunities. But new tech like AI and blockchain is making the financial ecosystem more complicated, and consumer protection isn't always keeping up. Announced at our Global Congress, Building the Consumer Voice for Digital Finance, is a dedicated global initiative to explore models of digital finance which improve protection for vulnerable consumers.  


Interoperability for all: Cross-border consumer redress and trust 

The internet is global by its very nature. When we use it, our data travels across borders and through a thicket of domestic laws and regulations. With growing calls to update interoperability between data regimes, our new initiative will find out what this would mean for consumers.  



Global Congress 2023: How do we build a resilient future for consumers?

As well as unsettling global supply chains, the COVID-19 pandemic saw a ‘historic and dramatic shift in consumer behaviour’ with the highest rate of people shopping online than ever. Rapid digitalisation means consumers are finding themselves in a new digital world, with some at risk of being left behind. It is for these reasons that we chose ‘Building resilience for consumers’ as the theme for our Global Congress 2023.


latest news

New Report: Unlocking sustainable living through global consumer insights

At Global Congress 2023, Consumers International publishes its latest research, ‘Global Consumer Archetypes to Foster Sustainable Living,’ developed with GlobeScan. The report uncovers new consumer insights to help policymakers and businesses enable people to live more sustainably. This study addresses critical questions around the aspiration-action gap between different consumer segments, understanding the motivations that drive them and the trade-offs they encounter.

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