Anne Fransen Fund 2016 projects announced

08 Apr 2016

Six Consumers International (CI) Members from six countries will promote the protection of consumers around the globe through funding provided by the Anne Fransen Fund 2016.

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The projects, all linked to the eight basic consumer rights, will promote the protection of consumers across the globe in a diverse range of ways from improving financial literacy in Zimbabwe, to advocating for mandatory food labelling in Malaysia.

The Anne Fransen Fund has a mission to advance the position of consumers in developing and transitional economies through capacity building and campaigning projects. 

Founded in 1988 by a former director of one of CI's Member organisations, Consumentenbond, the Anne Fransen Fund is made up of contributions from individual members of the Dutch consumer body. Since 1981, over €700,000 has been invested in building consumer organisations around the world.

Each year, grants of up to €10,000 are awarded to CI Members to carry out consumer-focused projects that are linked to one of the eight basic consumer rights.

Read more about the projects approved for 2016 below:

ASPEC will design and implement a series of educational activities and materials for teachers and students to inform them about their rights as consumers as derived from the Consumer Protection Code of Peru (in force since 2010).

CCZ will campaign to improve financial literacy and help consumers, particularly in rural areas, to understand how money works, what services banks provide, and the importance of long-term financial planning. They will do this through investment projects with students, radio/mass media, and focus groups including financial experts.

CAP will carry out an awareness campaign to reduce consumption of instant noodles amongst Malaysians, encourage the adoption of a healthier diet, and advocate for the mandatory labelling of instant noodles and other processed foods with excessive levels of sodium and additives.

Consumers Forum will provide safe drinking water and sanitation to 3 villages in Delhi and Utter Pradesh, raise awareness among rural consumers of their right to the satisfaction of basic needs, and encourage community participation to implement and sustain the project.

LDCB will campaign to promote healthy diets, reduce the vulnerability of pregnant women and children under 2 years, and reduce the burden of healthcare expenses for households in Benin, focusing on the importance of the first 1000 day 'critical period' of a child’s life.

YACP will work to provide clean drinking water for consumers in Sana'a and reduce water-related diseases through a field study of water services and by educating, training and qualifying a sample of people working in Water Treatment Stations in the knowledge and skills relating to water treatment.


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