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Making digital marketplaces fairer

On 15 March 2018, Consumers International is calling for fairer digital marketplaces.

E-commerce has transformed the way that people shop, giving consumers more choice than ever before. But it has also raised global issues that we can only tackle together. In 2017 global e-commerce sales reached $2.29 trillion, but nearly 70% of consumers worry their digital payments are unsafe. Meanwhile, half the world’s population are still offline.

For World Consumer Rights Day 2018, we’re calling for access to fair and secure internet for all, action against scams and fraud, and better consumer protection online. To find out more about this year's theme, download our background report on e-commerce

Global action for a #BetterDigitalWorld

Explore our interactive map to find out how World Consumer Rights Day is being celebrated in your region. To view our interactive map in Spanish, click here.

Live blog

Follow our live blog for instant updates and highlights throughout the day. We'll be sharing videos, images, event updates, blogs and articles so you can get the full picture of how World Consumer Rights Day is being celebrated by the global consumer movement. To view our live blog in Spanish, click here.


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Get Involved

Our members around the world are coming together to mark the day with action on local, national and global issues in e-commerce. As the day approaches, we will be populating an interactive map with information on our members’ activities and showcasing social media activity. 

If you want to find out more about the World Consumer Rights Day 2018 campaign or share information about your plans for the day, you can email our team at wcrd@consint.org or contact your regional networker.

You can join our call for fairer digital marketplaces on social media with the #BetterDigitalWorld hashtag. To help you spread the word about our campaign, we've created a pack of social media resources that can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. Click below to download them in English. You can also download them in Spanish, French and Arabic


Join our call for Fairer Digital Marketplaces

Click on an image below to share one of our messages  on Twitter (in English). If you want to personalise your message, you can do so by amending the text in the Twitter Editor tool before sending. 


Consumers International to co-host G20 Consumer Summit in Argentina

Consumers International is delighted to announce that we will be co-hosting the 2018 G20 Consumer Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



How can the consumer become king?

Guest blogger ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director of Nigerian organisation Paradigm Initiative, examines how the rights of newly connected consumers can be secured.


Our Latest Publication

Connecting Voices: a role for consumer rights in developing digital society

Our major new report explores how consumer digital issues are presenting themselves in selected Latin American, African and Asian countries and where there are opportunities to focus resources to more effectively achieve positive change. The research is based on a survey of our members, interviews with consumer activists, digital rights organisations and intergovernmental organisations.

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