Green Action Fund

The fund is open to all CI Members in developing and transitional economies (see the Development Assistance Committee list) to assist them in carrying out their own campaigns.

The 2017 award is a continuation on the theme focusing on ‘Safer, more sustainable food for all’. Campaigns should raise awareness of the irresponsible use of pesticides in farming and promote the consumption of organic food and methods of farming without chemical pesticides.

Eligible CI Members are invited to submit project proposals for campaigns that:

  • Seek to highlight problems associated with the use of pesticides and propose solutions
  • Promote consumer awareness and demand for food produced using farming methods that exclude chemical pesticides, such as organic farming
  • Take place between 1 September and 31 October 2017 with part of the activities carried out in the first week of October (2-8 October) to mark Green Action Week (more details below
  • Are achievable within a maximum of budget of £2,000 GBP.v

How to apply

The application deadline for the 2017 round of Green Action Fund has now closed. 

Selection process

Applications will be reviewed by a panel according to a scoring system, taking into account the relevance of the project for the local area and/or the global context.The panel will also consider the project’s contribution to gender equality and/or women and girls’ participation. Successful applicants will be notified on 1 June 2017. Grant payments will be disbursed shortly afterwards.

Green Action Week

The Green Action Fund is an annual award programme which is part of the global campaign Green Action Week and is made available through the SSNC.
It aims to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty by promoting worldwide awareness and advocacy activities which encourage sustainable patterns of consumption. It also raises consumer awareness of the environmental impacts of consumption.

The campaign takes place in the first week of October every year. The joint campaign umbrella for 2017 is “Organic food and farming for all – Consumers and farmers for food security, safe and sustainable food”. The aim is to encourage more consumers to buy organic products and thereby promote a shift towards an ecologically sustainable food system for all.

Members who do not receive grants from the Green Action Fund are also welcome to participate in Green Action Week. However, there is no other funding available from CI or SSNC for this. Campaign resources will be made available to all organisations who wish to take part in the campaign.

Organisations interested in taking part who are not receiving funding should email Sara Nilsson at If you would like to use the Green Action Week logo or other branding, you must seek permission from SSNC.

For more information on the Green Action Week, CI Members can download below:

-          Campaign Guide

-          Campaign Application form

-          SSNC Report: ‘Organic Food and Farming for All’

-          Summaries of Members’ 2016 campaigns

-          SSNC Gender Policy Document 


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