Consumers need to know

CI and its Members are working to build consumer demand and help consumers make informed choices about key vehicle safety technologies. 

Passenger cars in high-income countries are now safer than ever and the current need is to focus on vehicles in rapidly motorising middle and low-income countries.  

The successful catalyst for safer cars has been a combination of government regulation and with increased consumer demand to build a commercial market for safer cars. New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAPs) have played a critical role in demonstrating how this combination of regulatory “push” and demand “pull” can be harnessed to achieve significant improvements in car safety.  

NCAPs are applying safety star ratings to new models based on rigorous independent safety testing. There are currently NCAPs in the USA, Europe, ASEAN and Latin America and the Caribbean. CI Members are members of many national and regional NCAPs and support the dissemination of star rating results.

CI works closely with Global NCAP, the umbrella organisation for NCAPs, on initiatives to raise awareness and to advocate for governments and manufacturers to adopt international safety standards. 

New crash avoidance technologies are today capable of preventing many vehicle collisions before they happen. CI is supporting Stop the Crash, a multi-stakeholder partnership led by Global NCAP, campaigning for the widest availability of these road safety technologies worldwide. 

>> Visit our Global Car Safety Campaign page

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