Saving lives with safer cars

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Safer cars save lives

Safer vehicles are urgently needed on roads worldwide to help stop 1.25 million people dying and 50 million more being injured each year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) ranks road traffic accidents as the 9th leading cause of death worldwide and predicts it will become the 7th by 2030 without urgent action. Consumers International and our Members are partnering with the Global New Car Assessment Program (GNCAP) and regional NCAPs to demand the same minimum level of protection for consumers no matter where they live.

The UN’s Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020) supports the most important global standards available under the 1958 and 1998 agreements of the UN World Forum of Harmonisation of Vehicle Regulations (WP29). These specific recommendations of minimum safety standards were put in place to address key safety issues including crash worthiness, crash avoidance and pedestrian protection for all new vehicles.

The extremely high level of death and injury will continue to rise unless concrete action on car safety is taken through:

  • governments worldwide immediately adopting the minimum UN vehicle safety regulations as legislation
  • manufacturers voluntarily adopting these same standards for all new cars

Dangerous double standards

Global car production is concentrated in the hands of a small number of major manufacturers. Many of these major manufacturers apply dangerous double standards, producing and selling millions of unsafe cars into weakly regulated low and middle income markets, while simultaneously producing much safer cars for countries with high mandatory safety standards. This is despite costing as little as US $200 to install basic safety features such as air bags and strengthened bodywork – these features typically should allow a small car to pass UN Reg. 94 (frontal crash test).

Consumers International is calling on governments and manufacturers to act now and save lives by adopting the minimum UN safety standards and removing dangerous zero star cars from the road.


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