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Responsible lending: An International Landscape

07 Nov 2013
PublisherConsumers International
IssueFinancial services


Credit and debt are key issues for consumers around the world.

People from all income bands borrow for a range of reasons, and credit can help them to spread costs over time.

However, when things go wrong for consumers in this market the effects can cause significant hardship.

This report by CI Members takes a snapshot of some credit and debt issues in 14 countries to see what is really happening from the consumer perspective.

It reveals a worrying picture of inadequate regulation and enforcement, questionable practices by some lenders and a lack of transparency.

However, there are some good examples to learn from providing some cause for optimism.

This report sets out a range of recommendations to government, regulators, providers and other players in the credit market to improve consumer protection and thereby reduce the vulnerability of consumers, which in turn increases the stability and sustainability of the market.

What's on offer

  • Evidence of common themes in credit and debt experienced by consumers across the world and across product ranges
  • Understand the impact of ineffective regulation and questionable lending practices
  • Solutions to a more stable and responsible lending market

Download the report

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