New Strategy

CI's New Strategy: unlocking consumer power on a global scale

Imagine a world where individuals are as powerful as the governments and corporations they interact with. A global marketplace where consumers have the power to challenge unfair, unsafe and unethical corporate practice - and win.

To achieve this we need to think big. We need to act global. 

The new Consumers International (CI) strategic plan will do just that. In an increasingly globalised and digitised world, we will increase the collective power and influence of CI and its Members internationally to achieve more positive impact for consumers across the globe. 

We envisage partnering with our membership to deliver co-ordinated, targeted, multi-national campaigns and advocacy which make a major impact in advancing consumer rights and empowerment across the world.  We will do this in the global marketplace and through international policy-making forums.

Harnessing the direction and vision of the CI Council and Director General, and following extensive feedback from the CI membership, we have developed a strategy to deliver a new level of success for CI Members and consumers.

We cannot do this alone. Our greatest strength is the depth and breadth of our membership. Their energy, insight, expertise and unrivalled potential to mobilise consumers is the backbone of what we can deliver together.

This is why a focus on greater alignment and partnership with our Members across the globe is core to our new strategy. Together, we will achieve major change through influential, evidence-based advocacy and impactful, targeted, multi-national campaigns that solve the problems consumers experience in a global marketplace. We will do this by forcing changes in supplier practices and winning better deals for consumers.  

This will deliver more value for our membership too. Whether small, medium or large, Members across the world will gain through CI and the global movement achieving a new level of impact for consumers and greater recognition for our work on the international stage. We want to increase the opportunity for Members and Supporters to work together and learn from each other.

We will innovate to empower our membership, and the consumers they serve. Making full use of the opportunities brought forward by the digital age, we will create a collaborative online platform for the global consumer movement which will support new forms of consumer empowerment and Member benefits. 

Such digital innovation will allow the global movement, alongside consumers themselves, to speak with one voice on the global stage – tackling injustices in the global marketplace with the weight of numbers needed to make multi-national businesses take notice.

The platform we seek to create will also be a space for our Members and Supporters to share knowledge, best practice and assets; to access and contribute to research; and develop campaign materials and digital empowerment tools. It will be a platform open and accessible to every size and type of CI Member, offering a range of ways to get involved.

Our CI Member Survey 2014, which has informed the development of our new vision, clearly demonstrated that our membership want CI to further align its priorities with their own; to collaborate more closely and deliver real impact on common issues. Our membership want us to innovate in the digital space, build recognition for CI and the global movement and advance evidence-based marketplace-focused campaigns. Our new strategy will do exactly that.

The vision for the future is all about harnessing the power and wisdom of the global consumer movement, and through our membership, engaging consumers too. Our vision is about unlocking consumer power on an international scale, and positioning consumer groups with a new sense of relevancy and immediacy in people’s everyday lives.

The challenge is one of collaboration.  Now, let’s work together to truly make consumer rights the most powerful agent for change in the world.


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