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You can help us to have a greater impact.

Over the last five decades Consumers International has created real change for consumers worldwide but there is still a long way to go before consumer rights are respected and secured everywhere.

A partnership with CI means working together to solve some of the most pertinent problems facing consumers in the 21st century. Supporting Consumers International and our projects across the world enables you to directly impact people’s lives in a significant and life changing way.

With your support Consumers International can reach even more people and meet the challenges consumers are facing across the world.

We can implement new and innovative ways of ensuring that the voices of the people currently receiving poor financial, digital, food and health products are not only heard but actively considered in the development and delivery of goods and services, which are central to all our lives.

Read more about our current priority programmes:

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We would be delighted to talk about our programmes in more detail and discuss ways in which you could support and partner with Consumers International, please contact Head of Fundraising and Development Partnerships: Paulo Gomes on : +44 (0)207354 7059 or send an email to


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