Commitment to sustainability

Sustainable development is at the heart of what CI does. Our work on the issue spans decades, with pioneering initiatives tracking sustainable consumption legislation, long-term advocacy and engagement with specialist UN bodies and continuing work on consumer education and awareness raising.

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But for CI, being an advocate for sustainable development is much, much more than just advocating for sustainable production and consumption.

It is about making sure all of our policies, all of our campaigns, and every aspect of the advancement of the global consumer rights movement takes sustainable development into account.

Our current priority work  areas - financial services, food, digital rights, and consumer justice - all require sustainable solutions. Whether it is fair banking services or food security, access to knowledge, or consumer protection - what we call for must be durable, workable, equitable and sustainable.

As consumers, we want to know that the products we buy and the services we choose are safe and do not jeopardise the livelihoods of future generations.

We also want to live in a healthy environment, and have secure access to essential services like energy, water and sanitation.

Meeting all of these expectations continues to be a great challenge, leading to difficult decisions for the consumer rights movement.

But we believe the key to meeting this challenge is sustainable development. That is why we continue to work for a sustainable future for consumers across the world.

Going forward, this commitment to sustainable development means we will facilitate and connect and facilitate for our members who are interested with interest in the issue based on a bottom-up, member-led approach.

In the near future, this will include setting up member-run networks on sustainable development in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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