About us

What we do

Consumers International (CI) is the world federation of consumer groups that, working together with its Members, serves as the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers.

There are eight basic consumer rights which define and determine our principles. You can also read about our work to protect and empower consumers everywhere.

With over 240 Member organisations in 120 countries, we are building a powerful international movement to help protect and empower consumers everywhere.

Founded in 1960, we are fighting for a fair, safe and sustainable future for all consumers in a global marketplace increasingly dominated by international corporations.

CI is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK (company no. 4337865). We are also a registered UK charity (no. 1122155).


Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where people can make informed choices on safe and sustainable goods and services and in which individual and collective Consumer Rights are secure and respected.

We believe that:

  • in order to live, all people consume - be it through the satisfaction of the most basic human need, through to considering complex financial products.
  • the fundamental rights of all consumers are upheld and protected by corporations, governments and international decision-making bodies.

We think that consumers should be:

  • provided with the right facts and skills, while being protected from misleading promotion, and be able to make confident and empowered decisions
  • be confident that the products and services we buy are safe to use, and have the minimum impact on social and ecological conditions for both producers and consumers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to champion Consumer Rights internationally in order to help protect and empower consumers everywhere.

  • To defend, promote, develop and pursue Consumer Rights as the international basis of consumer protection.
  • To support, develop and work directly with our constituent member organisations, seeking to protect, inform, give a voice to and secure rights for consumers worldwide.



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