World Consumer Rights Day 2017 - Resource Pack


Welcome to your World Consumer Rights Day resource page. Click on the buttons below to download your campaign tools for 15 March. 

To ensure that we coordinate activities and maximise our collective impact on the day, it is important that you share updates on your campaign plans. Please stay in touch with us by emailing or calling Rachel Cole on
+44 20 754 7055.

A key aspect of our World Consumer Rights Day activity will be the #BetterDigitalWorld campaign on social media. Find out how you can get involved by visiting our social media resources hub below and downloading your digital infographics, Twibbon and sample tweets for the 15 March. 

Online consumer safety article

Click here and download the consumer safety article 'Top 10 ways to stay safe as a consumer online' to use and share with your consumers.

Template Press Release

Template Article

Social Media Resources

WCRD Presentation




Digital Consumer Trust Film

This is our short film on digital consumer trust. If you would like to embed this video in your website you can use the following code and paste it in to your website. 

Embed the video: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Campaign pack and issue briefings

Click on the images below to download your Campaign Pack and issue briefings which you should have already received in December 2016. 

                             Campaign Pack              

                    Campaign Pack


   Clear & Informed Choices                 Redress

Clear Choices Redress

         Access & Choice                         Security

Access-and-Choice Security



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