Sustainable Consumption

Expanding global industrialisation and middle-class lifestyles mean an ever-increasing consumption of natural resources and associated environmental pollution: three planets would be needed to support a world in which everyone lived like those in today’s average developed nation.

Meanwhile, some one billion live in extreme poverty, unable to consume the minimum needed for a decent quality of life.

Sustainable consumption is about doing more and better with less.

Its aim is to increase resource efficiency and promote sustainable lifestyles while helping to alleviate poverty and enable everyone to enjoy a good quality of life with access to food, water, energy, medicine and more.

It will help the world to move towards low-carbon economies based on fair labour and trade, with the needs of future generations in mind.

Consumers can be empowered to make sustainable choices through information provided by business and government, but it should not be down to consumer choice alone.

CI is interested to work with supply chain actors and policymakers to help make sustainable consumption the easy option; and with consumers to call for the information they need most, and to harness communication tools to empower each other in decision-making and in holding producers to account.




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