Earth Summit 2012 (RIO+20)

Civil society, business leaders and politicians at last appear to be united on sustainable development - if only to express their disappointment with the outcome of the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Following contentious negotiations, many have dismissed the final declaration for showing little progress on important issues and an absence of significant commitments.

We are already consuming 50% more than the planet can replenish and we have to cut up to 40% of gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect so that the global average temperature does not rise more than 2°C. Yet millions continue to live on less than $1.50 a day.

Our goal for the Rio Earth Summit was to secure a future that puts sustainable consumption, production and development at its heart.

Ten paths to sustainable consumption

Together with consumer groups around the world we endorsed a set of 10 practical policy changes that governments could have implemented if they wanted to see the rhetoric of Rio become a reality.

In consulation with our members we also put forward a specific set of recommendations that the global consumer movement wanted to see in the final Rio agreement text.

CI's Bjarne Pedersen has also spoken about the importance of Earth Summit 2012.

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