Anne Fransen Fund

From improving financial literacy in rural Zimbabwe, to advocating for mandatory labelling of processed foods in Malaysia, the AFF has a mission to advance the position of consumers in developing and transitional economies, through capacity building and campaigning projects. 

The proposal must address one of AFF or CI’s priority areas (Financial services; consumer justice and protection; food; digital; drugs and health). In 2016, six grants were awarded to consumer organisations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Application form and instructions below. 

Background to the Fund
Founded in 1988 by a former director of one of CI's Member organisations, Consumentenbond, the Anne Fransen Fund is made up of contributions from individual members of the Dutch consumer body. 

Since 1981, over €900,000 has been invested in building consumer organisations around the world. With an annual budget of around €60,000, grants of up to €10,000 are awarded to CI Members to carry out consumer projects that are linked to one of the eight basic consumer rights.

CI facilitates the administration of the AFF with the Board of the AFF making the final selection on which projects to support.

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